A Leader and Total Solution Providerfor Global Defense Electronics

A dependable business partner that considers customer value as the top priority and provides smart and advanced products and services

Vision & Core Values

Smart & Dependable Partner
  • Capture new growth engines
  • Take the defense business to the top
  • Create a Great Workplace

Strategic Actions

Strengthen the local defense industry

  • Secure an overwhelming technical competitive advantage in domains such as Surveillance·Reconnaissance, Command·Control·Communication etc. to reinforce market leadership
  • Strengthen technical competitiveness in precision guided weapons in order to expand business participation
  • Vitalize business opportunities such as PIP of products which have been deployed for field use and operation & maintenance services

Expand export business

  • Diversify stand-alone products for domains such as optronics, tactical communication etc.
  • Expand B2B export through cooperation with local and overseas platform companies
  • Strengthen technical capabilities and expand global network through strategic partnerships or M&As with leading foreign companies

Participate in new defense·civil domains

  • Strengthen leadership in new defense domains such as robots, future soldier systems etc.
  • Expand avionics business by partnering with leading global aviation companies
  • Use core defense technologies to expand into civil markets

Nurture talent and secure core infrastructure

  • Recruit the best and brightest candidates, and continue to provide growth opportunities so that they become key talents with global competitiveness
  • Create a happy and enjoyable workplace by promoting a future-oriented corporate culture that faces up to challenges, shows initiative for creative change, and compensates for positive outcomes
  • Secure space and core facilities needed for mid-to-long term business diversification and growth

Core Values

  • Challenge

    We are never satisfied with atatus quo and pursue excellence through change and innovation.

  • Dedication

    We are loyal to customers and strive to achieve ever-greater goals with our colleagues.

  • Integrity

    We act honestly fairly based on our honor and principle.

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