To bring state-of-the-art defense products to customers, we engage in business operations with the focus on environmental safety across our end-to-end management process.

We take keen interest in safety, health and environment and further our green management initiatives. In so doing we not only serve as a Smart and Dependable Partner and thus offer differentiated values to our customers, but make sound and sustainable growth and thereby fulfill our corporate social and ethical responsibilities.

Environmental Safety Policy

환경안전 법규준수

We comply with standards set by shareholders, Hanwha Systems and parties of interest, not to mention laws and regulations at home and abroad with regards to safety, environment, health and green management; and establish ourselves even more strict standards and implement them.

환경 친화적 제품 개발 및 제조

In pursuit of sustainable advances, we use a sustainable system for safety, health and environment covering our end-to-end process from materials purchase through R&D and manufacturing to disposal.

안전하고 건강한 근무환경 조성

To improve workers’ health and quality of life, we create a safe and healthy working environment by embarking on Three Nos(No incident, No accident, No pollution) and Three Lows(Low dumping, Low emission, Low consumption) Initiative.

공개적 안전, 환경, 보건시스템 운영

We provide workers and suppliers with education and training on a continuing basis related to safety, health and green management system; and we periodically disclose to stakeholders what we have achieved and performed in the areas of safety, health and green management.

지역사회 공헌 및 전생애 책임주의 실천

Fully engaged in the local community’s drive for safety, health, environment and green management activities, we live up to the corporate social responsibility to the community while developing and manufacturing environment-friendly products and running Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) by purchasing low-energy, environment-friendly materials and making a great use of resources recycling.

Certification Status

  • Certification Certification of Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001
  • Certification Certification of Environment Management System ISO 14001
  • Certification Certification of Energy Management System ISO 50001
  • Certification Green Certification
  • Certification Certification of Safety & Health Certification System KOSHA 18001
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