We are filled with great pride and a sense of responsibility being part of one of the mostprominent defense businesses in the Republic of Korea.As such, we will work by the rules, act in all fairness and build credibility and loyalty with customers; and in so doing we will deliver the best products and services to the market.

To become more trusted by customers and respected within the community, we follow our Code of Conduct:


Lead efforts to create sound corporate ethics and a fair and open corporate culture, thus grow to become a trusted and admired companyby customers and society. Improve the customers’perception of our company and promote an ethical mind-set among employees.
Implement ethical management practices that befit a truly global company by redefining corporate values which reflect our joint venture management philosophy and industry characteristics, and thus pave the way for Hanwha Systems’s leap forward


  • Basic concept

    Provide guidelines for ethical judgment and tools for self-implementation to all employees. Encourage partners and related parties to implement good corporate practices.

  • Core values

    Grow together and share benefits with customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the local community.

  • Applicable to

    All Hanwha Systems’ employees, and all people working at partner companies and related institutes in Korea and abroad.


  • Chapter 1 Customers

    • Respect the customer : Respect and value customers. Think and act from the customers’ perspective. Treat all customers fairly and equally.
    • Deliver on promises to the customer : Be honest and deliver on promises made to customers. Do our best to resolve the customers’ inconvenience
    • Protect the customer : Be fully committed to customer safety and protecting customer interests, customer rights and customer information.
  • Chapter 2 Shareholders

    • We grow with shareholders : We pursue co-prosperity in all our management endeavors.
    • We protect the rights and interests of shareholders : We engage in sound management and achieve stable profitability so as to keep the business up and running in a way that will assure the shareholders gain on their investment. We do not disclose information on the shareholders obtained during our work, nor do we use such information for personal interests.
    • We honor shareholders’ opinion : We respect demands, suggestions and official decisions made by the shareholders.
  • Chapter 3 Partners

    • Transparency : When selecting partners, take all relevant aspects into account faily and transparently. Never allow the pursuit of personal gain in the process.
    • Fair and equal relationship : Never abuse position to force partners into doing unfair practices or try to influence their actions
    • Mutual growth : Build an alliance with partners based on mutual understanding and trust to achieve co-prosperity
    • Chapter 4 Corporate Citizenship

      • Abide by the rules : Observe all the regulations of nation and regional community. Abide by the international agreement and corruption prevention. Don’t make or suggest a contract violating the fair trade.
      • Environment conservation : Adopt environment-friendly management practices
      • Contribute to society : Contribute to strengthening national defense and development through technical advancements, quality assurance, fulfilling our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, and thus pursue co-prosperity through harmony and cooperation with the local community.
    • Chapter 5 Employee Ethics

      • Uphold honor and dignity : As a representative of Hanwha Systems, uphold the company's honor by being neatly dressed, behaving politely, and speaking with dignity. Abide by global business etiquette
      • Separate public and private affairs : Never seek to gain personal interest by using your position within the company. Never use corporate properties, facilities and equipments for personal use. Put the company’s interest first when working. Never involve in any illicit activities such as taking bribes or granting special favors directly/indirectly when dealing with related parties.
      • Responsibility : Share management philosophy, objectives and values. Carry out one's responsibility according to corporate policy. Forecast and manage risks that may occur due to decisions you made or from your actions. Try to solve any risks that are identified.
      • Camaraderie : Experienced staff should help and guide new, less experienced colleagues based on trust and respect, while juniors should trust and follow their seniors.
        Never use one's position to force or pressure junior members of the staff. Strictly prohibit any forms of sexual harassment, discrimination, nepotism, or cronyism.
      • Confidentiality : Recognize confidential information of the company as being as important as national security, and enforce strict management and protection measures. Leaking information acquired or accessed while working is strictly prohibited during employment and even after leaving the company.
      • No political involvement : An individual's political rights must be respected, but direct political involvement as an STC employee is prohibited.
        Employees are forbidden to use corporate organization, people or property for political purposes, and are prohibited from making illegal money contributions to any applicant or political party, whether it is directly or indirectly.
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