Hanwha Systems SocialContribution Philosophy “Go far together”

Based on business patriotism as the founding principle and the hanwha spirit of ‘credibility and loyalty’, hanwha has solidified trust with the local community and will continue to abide by hanwha’s basic social contribution philosophy of ‘going far together’ rather than ‘going fast alone’ in order to fulfill social responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Social Contribution Slogan

Sharing energy for life

  • Energy for Life
    Energy Powering the Future
  • “함께 멀리”
    Sharing, Social Investment

Social Contribution Vison & Mission

Building ahappy tomorrow together

hanwha aims to build a ‘happy future’ where everyone ‘goes far together’.

  • Be happy together with co-workers.
  • Grow with the
    community through
    sharing and caring
  • Build a bright and
    healthy future by
    creating environment-friendly values
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