Compliance Program is a comprehensive, efficient system that supports autonomous compliance with laws and regulations.

It is a core method which protects the company and its employees to minimize and prevent any legal risk.

Background and Necessity

Compliance is a requisite for the survival and sustainable management of an enterprise. Amidst increasingly stricter regulations on enterprise activities, non-compliance exposes a company to risks as it leads directly to financial loss and damage in reputation. The Compliance Program is designed to introduce activities to protect the company and its employees from legal risks and foster a culture of compliance within the organization.


As the key to practicing compliant management, the Compliance Program encompasses preventive, ongoing, and integrated systems and activities designed to protect the company and its employees by inducing employees to strictly comply with all rules and regulations when carrying out their work and in turn, prevent and minimize any relevant risks.


Create a sustainable management environment that can earn the trust of customers by preventing loss, protecting employees, and guaranteeing autonomous compliance management through the prevention of any violation of laws and regulations.

Compliance Management Target

Compliance Management Target

  1. 01 Fair trade
  2. 02 Environment, safety, healthcare
  3. 03 Personnel management, sexual harassment
  4. 04 Anti-corruption
  5. 05 Intellectual property
  6. 06 Intellectual property
  7. 07 Protection of military secret
  8. 08 Protection of trade secret
  9. 09 Subcontracting

Implementation Process of Compliance Program

  1. Preventive Management

    Preventive management of any compliance risk (induce mindset through compliance education)

  2. Review & Monitoring

    Conduct regular review and monitoring of compliance risks

  3. Follow-up Management

    Check issues regarding compliance management and measures taken for areas of improvement

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